Weapons of Mass Creation

Weapons of Mass Creation, or WMC, Fest is a fest for those who live to create! A weekend community event taking place in the Gordon Square Arts District on Cleveland’s west side. It was founded by Jeff Finley of the Cleveland-based creative agency Go Media. Only in its second year, it’s already generating lots of buzz within the creative community. Come to WMC Fest to network, collaborate, get inspired, learn new tricks, and level up!
In case you live around Cleveland or plan to be on that area on June 11-12, check out the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011, an event brought to you by Go Media.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is a visionary, grassroots movement showcasing creative minds and impressive skill, WMC Fest is a buzz-generating summer highlight. It’s a platform for local and national artists, students and clients to connect, collaborate, influence and inspire.

More than an industry networking event, WMC Fest is a unique celebration of original talent within Cleveland’s community of artists and entrepreneurs. It’s an opportunity for creative professionals to break away from their studios, desks and virtual spaces to engage in one-on-one interactions and idea-sharing.

Ticket Details
Tickets for Weapons of Mass Creation Fest can be purchased online, single-day passes are available individually for $15 or a full weekend pass can be purchased for $28.

When you purchase a ticket online, you are purchasing an all-access pass for the day. Meaning you get access to everything including the design show, bands, and speakers for $15. If you pay cash at each venue, it is $10.00 at the door for speakers and $5.00 for bands.

For every ticket sold, $1 will go to benefit Anonymous Relief Mission, a non-profit organization that helps people move into a home from off the street. They supply furniture, supplies, and labor to help do the moving.

Get Involved
There are many ways to get involved with WMC. Everything from becoming a volunteer for the fest, becoming a sponsor or you can become a backer & help make sure the event is funded. Each type of involvement has its own little benefits packages & perks.

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