The List - 8 Not So Traditional Artists

There are so many forms & mediums in which art can take shape. I have compiled a few not so traditional artists that I feel are worth taking a look at, as they have inspired me with their originality & wanted to share them with you. This post is a start of a monthly themed list of artists, images, tutorials, etc that will help fuel your creativity.

Yuken Teruya is the creator of both images above. He has an amazing talent of carving the most beautiful trees from cardboard sleeves and paper bags

Another artist that has an brilliant ability to manipulate paper is origami artist Wataru Itou. This stunning piece took him four years to complete.

Jen Maestre must have stock in Crayola. The amount of colored pencils she uses to create her ameba-esque sculptures is astonishing.

As a child I loved my crayons & when they broke, I would melt them down (with parental supervision ... sometimes) to create new colors. Pete Goldlust take this childhood favorite to create colorful sculptures.

Dalton Ghetti is another artist with a passion for carving. Each piece takes over a year & is made without the use of a single magnification tool.

After those three and their amazing implement manipulations, Simon Schubert creates truly marvelous pieces without ever touching pen to paper.

Our next artist, Fredo, actually uses both pen & paper but uses them to create breathtakingly eerie 3D drawings.

Last but surely not least is Alex Queral who creates quirky portraits, using of all things, old phonebooks.

I hope that you enjoyed this collection & that it has inspired you to push your own creativity to a new level. Stay tuned next month to see what the list will entail.

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